Drop Off & Pick-Up:
All parents must drop their dancer off at the door on Victory Way and pick them up at door in the studio on Yampa Ave. Additionally, parents and/or siblings are not allowed in our waiting area. We do not have chairs available for sitting at this time. All waiting areas and lobbies will remain closed until further notice.

Drop Off & Pick-Up Procedures:

  • 5-10 minutes before the start of class. All students 7 and under will be greeted at the door. Their temperature will taken, then they will go downstairs wash their hands, get their prop and shoe baskets, and go to the studio for class. All students 8 and up can come into the studio go directly downstairs, wash their hands, get their basket and wait for their teacher to come get them downstairs. All dancers and instructors will keep a distance of 6 ft. apart while together in the studio.
  • After class has finished, the instructor will dismiss through the studio door inside the studio on Yampa Ave. Because of traffic, parents will need to walk to the door to pick-up dancers under the age of 7.  Dancers 8 and up will be released, if the instructor can see the dancer’s ride and the dancer does not have to cross the street to get to the car. 
    • Please make sure you are at the studio a few minutes before class ends, to insure the instructor has time to clean for the next group. 
  • Masks are recommended while walking to and from the entrance/lobby/dance room.
  • If your dancer is going to be absent, please text Ms. Kalee at 970-219-0146 as soon as possible.
  • In the event you are running late, please have your dancer go downstairs and directly wash their hands, get their basket and come up the back stairs into the studio.

Masks are not required by dancers as long as they can maintain a social distance of 6ft. Masks are recommended while walking to and from the entrance/lobby/dance room.

Hand Sanitizer:
Hand sanitizer will be provided at the studio for use in class as needed.

Dance Bags:
Please do not bring dance bags into the studio. We are trying to limit the  amount of things being brought into the studio.  Students will have a basket this year to leave their dance shoes in if they would like. 

Please have dancers ready to dance when they arrive. We would like to minimize changing as much as possible inside the studio.

Water Bottles:
Please have your dancer bring a full water bottle. 

Dance Room Procedures:
In the studio, there will be taped spaces for each dancer to stand in. Any props used during this time will be individual props and all dance equipment such as mats and barres will be sanitized between classes. Dancers will not be allowed to switch or share props with another dancer.

Class Sizes:
Class sizes will not exceed 9 dancers. If at any point class sizes need to be reduced, we will be rotating dancers between in studio and Zoom weekly. 


We will continue to run Zoom classes in conjunction with our normal class. If your dancer is sick or unable to attend in studio class for any reason please have them join us via Zoom at their regular scheduled class time. The Zoom link will be emailed on August 30, 2020 to registered dance parents and can be found on the parent portal.

Suspension of in-person classes:

In the event that in-person classes must be suspended due to a positive COVID-19 test or a state mandated closure, we will continue to have regular scheduled classes on Zoom. Refunds will not be given for the month(s) that have been already paid for. If your dancer would like to withdraw from classes for the time we are on Zoom they may, but this may result in a removal from recital dances. *Dancers must attend classes in person or via Zoom Oct-Dec to participate in the Holiday showcase and March-June to participate in the end of year show.

Parent/Guardian Viewing of Classes:

Parents/Guardians are welcome to log in to our Zoom class to watch their dancer during class. The Zoom link will be emailed on August 30, 2020 to registered dance parents and can be found on the parent portal.

By signing your child up for dance classes, workshops or camps, you understand that there is some inherent risk of being exposed to COVID-19. Additionally, you agree to absolve Studio V and its instructors of any liability related to the potential of contracting COVID-19.

If your child is displaying any symptoms of illness (coughing, runny nose, fever) please keep them home and join us via Zoom. No refunds will be given for dancers who are sick.

Thank you for your patience as we navigate this new protocol!